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The fitting solutions proposed and displayed in this website may possibly not comply with all the laws in force in some Countries. Therefore it is the responsibility of the purchasers of GIVI products to verify that the product they are purchasing is not in conflict with the rules in force in their Country of residence or in the any Countries they intend to visit on their motorcycle.

In the light of this, each picture, graphic representation or suggested solution is not intended as a guarantee of the conformity of GIVI products with the rules in force in each Country.

NB: GIVI constantly updates the contents, information, details and images of the website.

The pictures shown in the on-line catalogue are merely examples from the GIVI range and are for illustration and information purposes only and are therefore not binding on the company. GIVI reserves the right, if so desired, to modify whole or in part, add or delete any of the products shown, at any time, and without notice.

All rights reserved. Any use, in whole or in part, of contents (information, data, text, images, photos, graphics, drawings, videos, music, sound, graphic layout, software and programming codes, trademarks, logos and technical documentation) included in this web-site, including reproduction, publication, re-processing, diffusion, subtraction or distribution of the contents through any technological platform, telematics net or other communication devices, requires mandatory prior written permission from GIVI.

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