The range of Ultima-T soft travel bags by GIVI is expanding with the introduction of three new models where cutting-edge technical design, comfort and weather resistance are the main strengths of the motorcycle accessories of the range.

The tail bag, cargo bag and side saddle bags are compatible with virtually any model of motorcycle and boast a number of features that are both valuable and indispensable when travelling on two wheels. By installing all three models on a motorcycle, the capacity of the load is over 135 litres: the equivalent of half a trunk of a compact car!

But let’s discover the three new models together, the UT806, UT807 and the UT808.

THE TAIL BAG - UT806 has a capacity of 65 litres. Thanks to the engineering work that has led to the creation of a special shape for the semi-rigid base, the UT806 has been designed to be positioned on the rear saddle and if travelling with a pillion, the special design of the base also enables the bag to be installed on a luggage rack.  The Ultima-T 806 soft top bag is made of ballistic fabric, polymer foam and heavyweight fabrics for cutting edge physical and mechanical performance, and features both external and internal compartments which are easily accessible thanks to the easy openings. Thanks to the double layer construction and the additional nylon rip-stop lining with waterproof seams, the UT806 is also waterproof.

The CARGO BAG - UT807 has a capacity of 20 litres.  It is expandable and can be mounted in several different ways; on top of the UT806, on top of rigid side cases, mounted to a top-case luggage rack or on the passenger saddle. The same materials and technology as used on the UT806 are used to produce the UT807 which is also waterproof with internal and external pockets and equipped with reflective inserts.

SIDE SADDLE BAGS - UT808 with their semi-rigid structure and guaranteed 25 litre capacity on each side giving a total capacity of 50 litres. Thanks to the stiffening panels and the connecting straps of the frames, these GIVI bags are anchored in place to avoid any kind of displacement even on the roughest terrain. For maximum versatility, the UT808 is supplied with a universal strap kit. The UT808 bags are totally waterproof, have a protective inner liner and share the same composite structure as both the UT806 and UT807.

With these three new models of GIVI soft bags, the Ultima-T family is enriched with three gems that are perfect for any type of motorcycle!

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