30.3 TWEET

The new JET helmet by GIVI!

The brand new TWEET 30.3 is the newest addition to the range of GIVI helmets!

The TWEET 30.3 is an evolution of the 30.1 model. Like the 30.1, the Tweet 30.3 is still a jet helmet but it has been designed to be even more protective, thanks to a new shell, enlarged on the cheeks, and with a longer visor which has been developed to protect the throat!

Lighter and more compact, it is produced in a range of attractive and exciting colours, from the original purple red, to the increasingly popular brilliant yellow fluo!

With a technopolymer shell, it is equipped with an anti-scratch visor, and a removable inner lining produced from non-allergenic fabric.

The buckle with micrometric system allows perfect adjustment, and  maximum comfort is guaranteed thanks to two front air intakes and two rear extractors.

Discover the new Tweet 30.3 and the whole range of GIVI helmets right here!

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