Dolomiti Black Line: all time security, but with a new look!


We are introducing the lastest additions to the family of GIVI Trekker Dolomiti cases: the DLM46B, DLM30B and THE DLM36BPACK2 motorcycle cases in all-black versions!
The Dolomiti Black Line is the perfect choice for those who appreciate aesthetic design, even on two wheels! The new all-black versions, in black painted aluminium, are the perfect solutions for riders who like to give their motorcycle a stylish new look, without sacrificing the quality and technical features that have already made the GIVI Trekker Dolomiti family both famous and adored.
The Black Line versions are now available in a black top case DLM46B, the versatile top case DML30B and a pair of side cases DLM36BPACK2.
The top case DLM46B, with a capacity of 46 litres has the capacity to store two helmets. It features a security lock with a standard dust cap, hooks to attach an elasticated net inside the lid and four nylon belt loops on the lid which enable additional bags to be attached using Trekker strap belts.
With the same characteristics, we find the DML30B top case, the other jewel of the Trekker Dolomiti family which is now also available in all-black. Designed for motorcycles like the new Yamaha XSR700 and 900 and the Ducati Scrambler, it is extremely versatile and can be used as either a top or side case.
Finally, now available in an all-black version is the DLM36BPACK2, a pair of 36 litre cases, supplied with matching lock barrels and including a third matching lock barrel.
There are now three models of GIVI case which support the classic silver version and give the DOLOMITI family a new and versatile gritty aesthetic look, which will satisfy those with even the most tenacious spirit!
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