TanklockED: Innovative anti-theft technology designed by GIVI!


During every coffee break taken whilst out on a motorcycle ride, there is the constant fear that someone might steal the personal belongings stored on a trusty two-wheeled machine.  But now, thanks to the TanklockED system patented by GIVI, every rider can rest assured that their belongings are safe.
In order to ensure increased security, the TanklockED system enables the rider to secure the bag to the specific flange mounted to the fuel filler cap using a security lock key.  It is possible to attach and detach the bag from the fuel tank without the need of the key, which is only necessary when leaving the motorcycle unattended. The system has already been applied to three models of Tanklock soft bags, a system that is already greatly valued by motorcyclists due to the ease of attachment/detachment.
The first TanklockED model is the UT810 from the Ultima-T range.  An expandable tank bag designed for Enduro motorcycles with a capacity of 25 litres and supplied with a shoulder strap for easy transportation. Its high tenacity polyester and external fabric with high resistance to UV rays ensure durability.
The same capacity for endurance is shared by the TanklockED model UT809, also from the Ultima-T range.  A tank bag with a 20 litre capacity incorporating a removable map holder, an internal waterproof bag and a shoulder strap enabling the bag to be used as a backpack.
The TanklockED system is also applied to the ST605 model from the Sport-T line, a 5 litre waterproof bag incorporating a smartphone holder, internal glasses holder, carrying handle and a shoulder strap.
TanklockED bags are a perfect combination of both aesthetics and functionality as they reinforce the gritty appeal of a motorcycle whilst guaranteeing storage space and providing the added benefit of safety when a vehicle is out of sight.

Once your favourite GIVI bag has been attached, start the engine and head off for the next adventure.

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