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HRC Rally Team
It has been confirmed that in 2018 the HRC Rally Team will be liaising with the Monster Energy Honda Team!  Over the years the team has achieved great results and GIVI is proud to lend support to all their future successes.
After 8000km of exhausting competition involving thousands of challenges, in all kinds of conditions, the Monster Energy Honda Team has just completed the 40th edition of the Dakar Rally.  Rider Kevin Benavides proved to be up to the challenge, earning a well-deserved podium place for one of the most coveted rallies in the world.  The 14th and final leg of the 2018 Dakar Rally was dominated by the Monster Energy Honda Team who won the final victory, thanks to the Argentine rider finishing in second place.  Honda HRC is pure energy!
GIVI has also confirmed they will be sponsoring the Italian rider, Giacomo Redondi!  The year
begins with some exciting news as Giacomo will be racing in the WORCS off-road racing
programme in the USA.  He has decided to follow a path that few European riders have had the courage to undertake, great champions such as Trussardi, Knight, Edmondson, Salminen and very few others.  Giacomo will most likely be racing with a KTM 450 managed by a private team.
He will not be letting down his legion of European fans as Giacomo will also be racing in the
Italian National Championship, as well as two legs of the World Championship.  For these races, he will be riding a Honda CRF 450 managed by his own team.  Good luck for 2018!
For 2018, GIVI will be sponsoring yet another great Italian rider, Alessandro Botturi!  He is the only Italian rider to have ever held a position on the official Rally Team and he is the only Italian rider to participate in the Dakar Rally.  His place on the Rally Team has been earned through his skills and generosity, which are some of the most noted characteristics of this great from Lumezzane.  All it takes is to remember to always be available for your teammates and to have an absolute determination to push forward, regardless of injury.
Alessandro has also proved to have a huge heart in his commitment to charitable causes.  During the presentation of the 2018 Dakar, he organised a charity fundraiser that generated 5,540 Euros, which was then donated to the Pediatric Onco-Hematology Departments of hospitals in Brescia.  “This sport has given me a lot and I want to share my passion with those in need”, stated the Yamaha rider.
There is another full year of challenges on the horizon including rounds of the World Rally and the Italian National Championship.  “I can’t wait to get started” said Botturi and we cannot wait to see him race!
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