What does a rider need during a trip? A big load of course, but with plenty of space!


Two of the main features a rider appreciates is to feel both comfortable and at ease during their travels and without doubt, accessories which allow plenty of space, but also have the ability to carry all the essentials for a two-wheeled trip are vital.

With this need in mind, GIVI has created a special range of space-saving products, enabling a rider to carry all the necessities … and more! Below, is a taster of some of our favourites;

Backpack GRT701: 50% polyester and 50% nylon, it’s 100% waterproof, spacious and most importantly extremely lightweight with high frequency welding and standardised to Reach regulations. It is equipped with a practical side net pocket and comfortable hook and loop fastening. In a contrast to the colour black, the backpack is enhanced with a yellow EVA back panel and shoulder padding and reflective stripes, ensuring it is always noticed!

Telepass Holder S601: Telepass case supplied with a universal kit to be fitted directly onto tubular handlebars. Comfortable, light and secure it will help you to pass through toll booths both quickly and smoothly.

Leg wallet WP404: Totally waterproof, created with sealed stitching and made from ecological materials. It’s particularly suitable for medium to long trips, thanks to its lightness and practical qualities. It’s so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

Elastic Net E161 and E144:  The E161 is an internal net suitable for GIVI Trekker OBKN58 aluminium top-cases, the E144 is perfect for Trekker Outback lids. Both will secure contents in a safe, practical way. 

Toolbox S250: spacious tool box that takes up very little space.  Created in reinforced techno-polymer and made to be mounted between the side bag-holders and the motorcycle fairing. Includes security lock fastening and a standard dust ruffle plug.

This is just a teaser, so come and explore the rest of the range!

Explore. Enjoy. with GIVI

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