What is an indispensable element of a motorcyclist’s equipment? The GIVI tyre repair kit of course!


Unfortunately, when traveling by motorcycle, the threat of a tyre puncture is always lurking. Whether travelling on a dirt track or a paved highway, every rider needs to be ready to perform the emergency action necessary to be able to reach the nearest tyre depot. This is why the S450 tyre repair kit, designed by GIVI, is not simply an optional piece of motorcyclist equipment!
The S450 kit is designed to cover the hole and inflate a tubeless tyre and incorporates everything necessary to make the tyre functional following a puncture: three CO2 tanks, one valve connector, one hose, one cutter, five sealing strips, two specific tools and one tube of glue.
Have doubts about how to repair a tyre correctly? No problem! To access a tutorial video featuring a helpful step by step guide, even if there is no network coverage, simply use a smartphone to scan the QR code on the literature provided in the S450 kit. 
Packing the GIVI tyre repair kit for every motorcycle journey will provide peace of mind in the event of an accidental puncture whilst on two wheels.
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