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When a GIVI prototypist develops a new product, the first thing they think about is the needs of the motorcyclist who will be using it, so they can guarantee the best performance and greater durability over time. So, when any GIVI motorcycle accessory is being created, researching the most suitable raw materials for the job becomes essential.
Last November, at the International Cycle and Motorcycle Show 2018 in Milan, GIVI was once again able to demonstrate its attention to quality by displaying two showcases on its stand, one dedicated to virgin plastic polymers and the other to film-coated European aluminium.
More specifically, GIVI explained to visitors to their stand how the use of recycled polymers, that is, milled plastic materials for moulding parts, can lead to serious problems, including the loss of mechanical characteristics (resistance to traction and flexion), weakness in resistance to impact, unevenness of the surface finish and greater difficulty of printing on embossed surfaces. This is the reason why GIVI has always used just virgin plastic polymers for moulding its accessories, as they guarantee high quality and resistance.
High quality finishes are also guaranteed on the aluminium cases, where only material originating in Europe are used and is protected by a plastic film that is only removed when the case undergoes final assembly.
The most suitable raw materials and the know-how of the staff that is responsible for the continuous controls of the production processes guarantee that the motorcycle accessories designed by GIVI always respect the quality standard that, over the years, has made the brand a real Love Brand.
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