The NEW MAXIA 4 is born!

We have pleasure in introducing you to the new Admiral of the Givi Monokey family!


Numerous are the innovative features of the NEW MAXIA 4.

Thanks to the locking system with double hook and cushioned pull handle it is extremely safe and through the newly developed base, it guarantees extreme robustness and of course without sacrificing design, thanks to the different customisation options!

The new Maxia is available with the classic finish or with the tech finish, with smoked reflectors, and you can customise it even further with an additional backrest, LED stop light kit, and a top metal rack!

Furthermore, it is supplied with two covers that can be replaced:  the central part, for which you can choose between either a brushed aluminum or carbon texture finish, and the painted cover, which is available in a range of different colour options.

Learn more at the page products where you can find the full range of GIVI cases!

Explore & Enjoy with GIVI!