From the twists and turns of the colourful souk to the limitless space of the desert, adventure is just around the corner.
A land of ancient charm where cultures intertwine and the open space of the desert allows the mind to travel freely with only the sound of a motorcycle in the background. Morocco is the destination chosen for the fifth edition of the Givi Explorer Tour which starts in November 2018.
Even this year the Tour is planned to be a real adventure and much more than just a simple trip!
The detailed itinerary will lead adventurers through breath-taking scenery that has been lifted straight from the movies!  It is an opportunity to encounter lands and peoples with a strong identity, to bring together the extended GIVI family from the four corners of the Globe and to test all the latest GIVI products in extreme environmental and climatic conditions. 
A journey that is not only aimed at a physical goal and destination but also aimed towards the path of self-discovery for those taking part.  The effort of the journey is a small price to pay for an experience that will be ingrained on the heart and in the mind for a lifetime.
Click here to watch a video.  A memory of an incredible adventure experienced by our GIVI Explorers savouring the beauty of an extraordinary journey characterized by breath-taking landscapes, history and culture.
Explore. Enjoy. with Givi