GIVI is dedicating its new "Lime Green" windshield to Kawasaki!


Vehicle manufacturers have their own dedicated colours; Red for Ferrari, Blue for Yamaha and Yellow for Suzuki. When thinking of a specific brand of motorcycle or car, we immediately think of a specific colour. Kawasaki has always been identified by the brand’s unique shade of lime green used in its motorcycle production and GIVI has chosen this distinctive colour for its new windshields, designed and created for the three 2017-2018 Kawasaki models; the Z650, the Z900 and the Versys -X300 all of which are readily available and for the new Ninja H2 SX model, which will be available shortly.
But how did the idea of “Lime Green” originate? It was in Daytona, 1968, when the rider Walt Fulton Jr. chose the colour for his A1R in an effort to dispel the superstition that the colour green is fated as an unlucky colour for racing.
Kawasaki consulted with a young Californian artist to develop a visual idea that made the motorcycles of the Akashi brand unique and that is how the glorious blend of 10% blue plus 90% yellow was born.
The new "Lime Green" windshields have an impressive aesthetic impact and in fact, thanks to the innovative photosensitive pigments used, when illuminated by the headlights of oncoming vehicles, each windshield becomes tinged with a vivid shade of green.  In addition to the aesthetic element, GIVI has also considered the functionality aspect of this new accessory by ensuring its perfect mechanical compatibility with the motorcycle to ensure maximum aerodynamic protection.
The "Lime Green" windshield is a real must-have for all Kawasaki enthusiasts!
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