The interview: GIVI sits down with Manuel Puccetti


Today, we are going to talk with our mutual friend Manuel Puccetti, Team Manager of the Kawasaki Puccetti Team WSBK - WSS, of which GIVI is a proud sponsor, especially after the amazing Superbike season the team had last year.
We asked Manuel to give us a prediction on when we will be able to see the bikes back on the track and when we can watch from the stands again.
Team Puccetti is ready to get going again. The riders and the team are excited and motivated and they can’t wait to start again with passion and enthusiasm. The forced interruption of the past few months has not quenched the excitement of our 25 team members, who have stayed in touch throughout and who are ready and willing to repeat last year’s success.
It looks like they may start racing again in August. If that is true, Puccetti is confident that the enthusiasm to get back in the saddle will allow the riders to overcome any difficulties due to the fact that they haven’t been able to train over the these past few months, even if they are now starting to schedule their first test sessions on the track.
We also asked him about how he has dealt with this period of lockdown. With smiles on our faces, we listened as he talked about days of normalcy, but also of nostalgia for motorcycles and the adrenaline from racing.
We said good-bye to Manuel, sharing with him the desire to get back to normal and our hope for all the teams, even the smallest of them, that they find the resources and support they need to get back on track, stronger than ever!

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