Thanks to inner bags for motorcycle luggage, travelling comfortably now has no limits with GIVI!
GIVI top cases and side cases are well-known to everyone, but another brand new, lesser-known accessory is a breakthrough in terms of comfort when travelling by motorcycle!
Thanks to GIVI cases and soft bags, such as those that make up the Ultima-T range (click on the link in the News to find out more about Ultima-T), there is the ability to carry a large amount of personal belongings when travelling by motorcycle and sometimes, a vehicle is carrying more than could fit into a compact car.  However, it can be difficult to find a way to remove belongings from a motorcycle case and being able to carry them once the motorcycle has been parked.  So GIVI has thought of producing a range of brand-new soft, inner bags for the GIVI range of hard cases that will make life easier! They are real travel bags that are designed to fit perfectly inside either a top or side case.
There are 11 different models of soft inner bags and each model is specifically designed to enable a motorcyclist to make the most of their available load capacity.
The convenience of these accessories is truly amazing and each one has been created with great attention to detail to ensure maximum comfort. For easy transportation, the interior bags are all equipped with padded handles and a shoulder strap. They are equipped with reflective inserts and a large front pocket and for ease of use, the main compartment can be accessed without having to remove the bag from inside the GIVI case. 
With the range of soft inner bags from GIVI, you can be ready for either a long motorcycle ride or an exciting weekend in the great outdoors!
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