Modular, full-face and jet: every range of motorcycle helmet produced by GIVI now with an enhanced look!

New colours and graphics: the appearance of every single line of GIVI helmet has undergone significant enhancement. Modular, full face and jet helmets are presented in 27 new, previously unseen colours and graphic designs. To satisfy the tastes of all motorcyclists; mojo, elegance, extravagance and classic styling are all at the heart of the new options for GIVI helmets.  But let's go into detail…

We begin the parade with modular helmets, with two new entries; the X.21 Challenger Graphic now with a new Black finish and the X.21 Challenger Basic model.

Full-face has 8 new features in the 50.5 Tridion line with 3 new graphic designs and a Matt Titanium finish for the basic model. The new graphics are the Raptor with its robust, sporty lines available in three different variations and the Magnus, also featured in three futuristic and deco-looking variations and its innovative graphics for the female audience.

The JET family has undergone the greatest enhancement, with the introduction of 17 amazing new innovations. The 30.3 Tweet is now also available in the new Matt Black colour and the X.07 Comfort-J is now also available in Matt Titanium. The biggest innovation is the 20.9 Fiber-Jet Gliese, with its 5 variations and colours ranging from white to black and including elegant shades of grey. The Jet 12.3 Stratos Helmet is produced in the new Flux design, with 3 monochrome variations and embellishment inserts in either white, black, yellow or red.…..the motorcyclists’ choice!

All the models of the Demi-Jet range have been updated, with the 10.7 Mini-J now boasting the new Icarus graphics, available in 3 variations including the new camouflage graphics and the Matt Titanium finish. Even the 10.4 Stark now features the new Matt Titanium amongst its colour options, while the 10.4 Classic is now also available in the colour option of Matt Sand.

The new graphics and colours further enhance the aesthetics of GIVI motorcycle helmets which are already unbeatable in terms of technology, safety and design, so now there are another 27 “small” big reasons to choose a GIVI helmet!

Explore. Enjoy.

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