GIVI UNIBS MotoStudent Team 2023


Flero company is again confirmed as team’s 2023 Title Sponsor for upcoming challenge in Aragón

“Learn to create” is the motto that fuels a team fifty students strong from the departments of Economics and Engineering at the University of Brescia, Italy. The students share the common goal of creating a racing motorcycle prototype capable of competing on the national and international stage.

The dream and project is becoming a reality thanks to support from GIVI S.p.A., the company of reference on the global market of accessories for motorcycles, and Title Sponsor since 2015. The initiative is the result of collaboration between promising young professionals brought together by their deep passion for bikes.

The culmination of this long experiment is already marked in the calendar: the 7th MotoStudent Edition will take place from 10 to 15 October 2023 at the renowned MotorLand Aragón circuit in Spain, where the university team will race its BRX-253 in GIVI livery. Like its predecessors, the bike boasts a four-stroke single-cylinder direct injection 250cc KTM engine, characterised by a double overhead camshaft. This said, it does not merely have to stand out in terms of performance. As a matter of fact, the judges will also assess the engineering feasibility study of the design and its costs, meaning each team must present a genuine business plan.

The project is not only the well-deserved result of an activity driven by passion, but an exceptional example of innovative experience-based teaching. This is an area in which GIVI S.p.A. has believed and invested in for many years now. What happens next? The project creates knowledge and professionalism that, once cultivated in the field, will become the driver of future progress.

To use a metaphor, it gives us the foresight to step on the gas and cross the line before everyone else.


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