The Andes no longer hold any secrets for GIVI!


The GIVI Andes Tour Colombia 2016 has just ended with resounding success!

Along 1500 km of breathtaking views and adventurous roads, the group of GIVI motorcyclists faced mountain passes, fords, deserts and even a volcano, before finally reaching the finish line at Cali.

This was a real challenge for the riders and their motorcycles, in temperatures ranging from 12 to 40 degrees, and up to an altitude of 4,200 meters.  Challenges constantly rewarded by the sight of the Colombian landscape, with its myriad of colours and the welcoming smiles of the locals encountered during the journey.

Eight days full of emotion, which led the GIVI Team to some of the most iconic locations in Colombia such as San Augustin, Neiva and Salento.  A complete adventure at 360° that has left both a lasting and wonderful impression in the memory of all the travelers, together with a desire to repeat a journey that symbolises passion for the motorcycle trip and the very meaning of touring.

The GIVI Andes Tour Colombia 2016 proved to be an exciting journey full of adventure!

Explore. Enjoy. with GIVI

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