GIVI at the Moto Festival Model Year!


Sheer excitement, the bright glint of metal, and an authentic, unique passion for everything two wheels. All within the wonderful context of the Moto Festival Model Year, now in its fifth edition. GIVI was keen to play a starring role at the event, presenting its extraordinary fastening mechanism, the Monokey®.

One single, brilliant connection for all your cases, and incredible versatility from a system that allows a variety of solutions on just one motorcycle and one frame, responding to a user’s every need as you select the ideal bag for every occasion. From the soft bags of the Canyon line, designed to be taken to work and easy to manage all day long, to the Trekker family, perfect for holidays or perhaps when out adventuring and that comprises Outback (to fasten to the frame with a small adaptor), Alaska and Dolomiti. For a more classic style, there is the TRK series, which stands out for the fact it can be mounted both as a top case and a side case in its various sizes.

Its sheer practicality and ease of use are just two of the reasons why Monokey® has become such a popular fixing system in the motorcycle world. It is thanks to this system that all the cases, top cases and plates in the range combine first-rate mechanical features, in terms of resistance and anchoring security, with the compactness and lightness of the components used. 

The main advantage is obvious, in that if the user decides to swap the side cases, the fitting kit stays on the motorcycle and is not replaced. A solution that is long-awaited by many users and that we decided to present to the public at this latest edition of Moto Festival.

 Monokey® does not just become an innovative accessory then, but also the initiator of a new product philosophy, one that GIVI has long studied and that aims to offer simpler technical solutions to both riders and dealers.

To find out more about all the possibilities offered by Monokey®, visit the GIVI website or the dedicated page on the Moto Festival website.

And if you missed any of the key moments of this edition, you can visit the 2022 Moto Festival website and enjoy the on demand content.

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