2017 is dedicated to ‘carbon’ with the introduction of two new versions of the GIVI 40.5 full-face helmet.

GIVI has chosen EICMA 2016, one of the world’s leading motorcycle fairs, to introduce the new model of full-face helmet which is poised to revolutionise the actual concept of the crash helmet: the new 40.5 is a light, but sturdy full-face helmet available in two versions, carbon fibre and composite fibre. With its particularly aerodynamic design, it is innovative not only for owners of “souped-up” sports and naked bikes but also for those who prefer sport tourers.

The two versions of the 40.5, the X-Carbon and the X-Fiber, differ in the material used for each  shell and also with regard to weight and colour options, however, all the innovative technical features are shared across both versions, starting with the two shells providing optimum fit, down to the high-performance ventilation system which uses a particular funnelling system realised on the internal EPS: the effective passage of air inside the helmet is a definite benefit, recognised by all the GIVI staff who road-tested the 40.5 model.

The high quality lining is made even more comfortable by the micro holes incorporated in the sponge sections.  The exciting colour schemes also contribute to the slick and bold design of the 40.5 with ultra-modern graphics and intricate neon details for the X-Carbon that emphasise the attractive carbon pattern, and intense colours for the X-Fiber, incorporating a cool mix of both gloss and matte effects.

The GIVI 40.5 represents the cutting edge for motorcyclists whilst at the same time providing maximum protection and the highest levels of comfort!

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