Discover how to take all your devices on your motorcycle with optimum comfort and safety!


When touring with your motorcycle, there is often the need to make and take calls, follow GPS directions or simply charge your devices. Below are some accessories created by GIVI which will make all of the above both safe and easy!

The universal smartphone holder S957B will allow you to safely attach a smartphone to your motorcycle and thanks to the rain cover and waterproof fastening, it will be protected even in the event of rain.  Attaching the S957B to a tubular handlebar or the stem of a side mirror is easy, thanks to the quick release attachment. The sunshade visor and the transparent touch-sensitive area will make it even easier to use your smartphone.  The practical security strap and lower opening not only complete the look but also allows charging of the device.

If, on the other hand, you want to carry even more devices on board, then the Smartbar S900A is a must. It consists of a tubular universal handlebar structure in aluminium, to which up to 6 devices can be connected. With this solution, GIVI enables you to carry a smartphone, GPS, camera and Telepass holder at all times. 

Last, but not least, GIVI offers three co-ordinating accessories to charge your devices!

The S110 Power Socket is a basic device which allows you to mount a 12 Volt outlet on the handlebar area thanks to a cable equipped with a fuse, fixing areas and eyelets to connect the S111 Power Hub, which is a kit for charging up to three devices via a multi USB holder to be installed inside a tank bag, or to connect with the S112 Power Connection, a kit specifically produced to charge devices which are mounted on the handlebar or on the S900A Smartbar via a series of adaptors.

GIVI travels with you, ensuring optimum comfort and safety! Ready to go?

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