Safeguard your Oil Carter with the new aluminium Carter Protector RP1144 from GIVI!

The new Honda Africa Twin has nothing to fear thanks to a new accessory from GIVI.

The Honda Africa Twin is a real jewel and riding it on the most difficult tracks and the bumpiest roads is a truly unique sensation.  But how can we make riding off-road even safer? Easy! With the new aluminium oil carter protector (RP1144) from GIVI!

It is the fundamental accessory for those riders who enjoy going off-road: made in anodised brushed aluminium it offers a lot more protection than the standard carter protector. With its 5mm thickness on the lower most exposed area, and its 3mm thickness on the sides, motorcyclists will now have nothing to fear when facing the roughest of roads.

The parts that make up the GIVI RP1144 carter protector are combined with brushed stainless steel rivets.  In addition, for improved shock absorption, on top of the carter protector, within the area which comes into contact with the motorcycle fairing, there is the inclusion of thick rubber sections: high-density spongy material, resistant to high temperatures.

Are you ready to face the most challenging off-road adventure with your GIVI-equipped Honda Africa Twin?

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