To all of the Off-Road enthusiasts, GIVI presents the new GRT719, a Rucksack with an integrated water bag, and the Hydrapak Elite T523 Bag!


This is why the GRT719 rucksack with integrated water bag is one of our new flagship products and is ideal for off-road use because it conforms perfectly to the rider's body and has a water bag.
With a 3-litre capacity, this rucksack has a main pocket to hold the 2-litre HydraPak Givi Elite and a drinking tube on the shoulder strap, with a locking system to keep it in place. It also has a secondary pocket, a breathable back panel and a quick-release shoulder strap—to make removing the rucksack easy—in addition to a stabilised handle, a chest strap with whistle and reflective inserts to guarantee increased visibility.
But that’s not all! To meet the needs of every rider, GIVI has also created the Hydrapak Elite T523 water bag, available separately and compatible with most hydration packs, so that it can be used with any rucksack with a 95-cm drinking tube.
The Hydrapak Elite T523 water bag opens and closes with a SLIDE SEAL TOP, making it easy to fill and creating a watertight seal. The BLASTER valve prevents leaking and has a PLUG-N-PLAY connection system to easily detach the tube when the bag is full.
It withstands temperatures from -25 to 60 degrees and is completely reversible, for easy cleaning.
When it comes to Givi, comfort and convenience for the rider is always our top priority!
Explore. Enjoy. With GIVI

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