GIVI NEXT TO ME: all the new GIVI products for 2021 via a virtual tour!


The lull in major motorcycle trade fairs imposed by the current health emergency has not stopped us from presenting our new products for 2021 to the public. With none of the valuable support of live events, EICMA first and foremost, like many other companies in the sector, GIVI has sought out an alternative solution to communicate and present the new season’s products and developments in the best way possible.
For GIVI this was another push in favour of the virtual, the potential of which has been used in recent months more than ever before. We have tapped into digital and network potential, with a clear objective: to provide you with a familiar yet unfamiliar experience, one we wanted to call GIVI NEXT TO ME.
GIVI NEXT TO ME is a virtual tour that is eye-catching on a PC screen but can also be navigated using mobile devices. It unfolds within an elegant, open, futuristic and even entertaining exhibition area! It will give you all the tools you need to decide which areas to visit, which products to look at and which topics to delve into... somewhat similar to visiting the stand at a real trade fair.
We will be temporarily forced to forgo the “first-hand” experience, but thanks to GIVI NEXT TO ME, the result of this high-level design is extremely fluid and realistic, and will allow you to discover all you need about the best-loved GIVI products and every new development.
So get comfortable and enjoy all the new GIVI products for 2021!
Explore. Enjoy. With GIVI

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