The GIVI frame slider: an accessory for real enthusiasts!


The frame slider can make all the difference if you fall, in fact by multiplying the anchor points and the width of the structure involved in the impact, the damage will be considerably less. What is more, the product is resistant to damp, the sun, solvents and fuels, to keep it looking as good as new over time.
In addition, all GIVI brand products combine functionality with attentive aesthetic research. In the case of the slider, the absence of visible bolts plays a fundamental role. The design and manufacture of the slider are 100% Made in Italy and it is made up of a polymer reinforced with fibreglass, enhanced with the addition of solid aluminium inserts, anodised in four different colours: natural, black, red and green so you can choose the one that best suits your bike’s livery, because the new SLIDER SLD01 is not only practical but also pleasing to the eye. The laser engraved GIVI logo completes the excellent finish of this product.
How is the slider mounted? Simply with the help of a kit that is specific to the model of motorcycle; the only exception, as things currently stand, is for the Honda CB 1000R (2018) where you can use the anchor points already present on the frame.
Such a hi-tech accessory cannot be considered simply an engine guard buffer, but an actual slider. A product that GIVI intends to include in an ambitious project that will see the development of a catalogue dedicated to the world of naked bikes without, of course, neglecting to implement accessories for other types of bikes.
We know that choosing a motorcycle is an affair of the heart, and so she deserves to have a wide range of accessories just for her!
Explore. Enjoy. with GIVI 

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