No more keys with the new GIVI KeyLess 2.0 technology: now you can open the top box with your smartphone!


As always, when designing a new product, the ultimate goal of the GIVI engineers and designers is to improve and simplify their clients’ biking experience.
Who can say that they have never accidently locked their keys in the top box? Or, who has never scratched their bike, even slightly, with the keyring swinging in the wind? But, above all, who would benefit from coordinating the top box unlocking system with the Keyless function of the vehicle?
That would mean being able to open the top box without having to have the engine key nearby.  
It was when faced with these practical problems that a team of design engineers and marketing assistants came up with the ideal solution: the GIVI KeyLess 2.0 for top boxes.
The basic idea is no longer an innovation, there are already plenty of vehicles and motorcycles that offer the possibility of switching on their engines without a traditional key, though they use specific tools that allow for the vehicle to function even if you keep them in your pocket. This change laid the foundations for creating a system that sees its “automatic key” for the top boxes of our two-wheeled vehicles in a smartphone app, since it is obviously not possible to interact directly with the functioning of the device for starting the engine.
The system is very simple. This is an application that can be found in the Android and IOS stores, which, via Bluetooth, makes it possible to manage the lock system of the top box, without needing an internet network or Wi-Fi.
Only some models have the latest technology, for example Maxia and V47. Whereas others, if they are compatible in the catalogue, can have the lock installed as an accessory. It is available in stores and easy to mount with just four simple screws. There is no need for electrical wiring or the use of the bike’s battery, as it uses normal AA batteries, which can be checked via the smartphone application.
In addition to resolving the issues described above, you can use the Bluetooth function to check and modify the status of the lock within the connection radius, which is approximately 15 metres depending on interference. Just like a normal car remote control, beyond this radius the mechanism disconnects, with the difference that the top box will, in any case, always remain locked, so you can never forget and leave it open.
The concept was presented two years ago and this spring the product will already be officially available in stores. This new technology was on display in Verona during the Motor Bike Expo in January 2019 and in Milan during the Eicma fair, where journalists and customers were very enthusiastic about this idea that will make it possible to avoid a lot of inconvenience, thus meeting with plenty of approval and filling its designers with pride. 
Now we are all eagerly awaiting the release of the new accessories onto the market this spring!
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