2020 GIVI collection features lots of new bags and accessories all in the name of design, comfort and practicality!


Whether for long journeys or day trips, GIVI knows very well that comfort and practicality are indispensable on your motorcycle. For this reason, once again with the new 2020 collection, we have decided to give ample space to products that can satisfy the needs of every motorcyclist, to guarantee enthusiasts a comfortable and worry-free experience, where everything can be within arms reach!
It is with this awareness that different lines of saddle bags, backpacks, leg bags and waist bags were born, each with distinct features, with a vast choice of materials, load volumes and impermeability.
Among all the new products, available starting in March and April, it is worth mentioning a few such as the ST606, a thermoformed shell backpack with 22 LTR scratch resistant PU and the new pair of expandable Easylock ST609 side bags, also thermoformed, with 25 + 25-litre capacity, both equipped with heat-sealed rain cover.
There is also the new UT813, the expandable cargo bag for both saddle and luggage racks, with a waterproof inner bag and 8-litre capacity. Additionally, there is the brand new CRM___ line that includes an 18 LTR backpack that converts into a saddle bag, a 16 LTR single side bag, an 8 LTR magnetic tank bag and a 3 LTR leg bag.
But there is more news to come about the 2020 GIVI collection ... as much as we enthusiasts need! Are you curious to find out about all of the features? Keep reading to learn more!
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