Givi celebrates 40 years of existence: a story of passion that has lasted over 4 decades!


Thanks to the initiative of its founder, Giuseppe Visenzi, Givi’s history goes back 40 years. Following a number of seasons as a MotoGP rider, which in 1969 earned him a Silver medal in the 350cc-class Championship, Visenzi stopped racing to undertake his new role as an entrepreneur.
Ten years later, in 1979, Visenzi developed his first case, the GIVI E34, the precursor of a long series of innovative accessories for two-wheelers. With the passing of time, stylistic lines and production technologies evolve, but the values ​​remain the same, to provide safety, emotion and a sense of belonging for those riders who see the motorcycle as a lifestyle, just like the company’s founder.
All the products of the brand, including cases, helmets, soft bags, windscreens and spoilers, have always been designed with the utmost care and in accordance with the real needs of the riders who use them and in order to be functional, beautiful and durable over time, they are finished with close attention to detail.
Over time, the network of Givi branches, which buy and distribute the exclusive brand, has extended internationally: in France (Montluel Lyon), in Great Britain (Daventry), in Spain (between Olerdola and Barcelona), in Germany (Nuremberg) and in the United States (Charlotte - North Carolina and Reno - Nevada). The brand is also present in Brazil and in Asia, through a controlled partnership which is based in Malaysia.
The Givi brand is an Ambassador of "Made in Italy" and is a family that is steadily growing year after year and which remains faithful to its original values, despite its rate of growth. A history of passion destined to accompany motorcyclists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Behind the great commitment in designing cutting-edge accessories, is the work of a united team where unconditional love for two-wheelers acts as a unifying force.  On the other hand, apart from the functional aspect, Givi branded products are jewels designed to enrich motorcycles of all kinds. For all those who are part of the Givi team, the greatest satisfaction is knowing that their branded products are considered the best travel companions by motorcyclists all over the world.
In order to satisfy an increasingly demanding , but at the same time stimulating market, today Givi offers a vast selection of products suitable for all needs, styles and motorcycle models which reflect the pride of the entire Givi team!
Explore. Enjoy. with GIVI

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