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Universal transparent spoiler that can be mounted to fairings / windscreens; the aluminium fitting kit allows both the height and angle to be adjusted.

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Universal transparent spoiler mountable to fairings / windscreens; the aluminium fitting kit allows to adjust both height and inclination.
The customer needs to confirm the original fairing/windscreen is rigid enough to allow the mounting of the SHIELD +

Shield+ is made entirely of billed aluminium that is manufactured one piece at a time using numerical controlled milling, finished by hand then finally anodised. Due to its excellent weight-performance and high resistance to corrosion, this high quality raw material is also used in aeronautical engineering. The screen is 4mm thick and is made from polymeric material approved by TUV. Compared to glass, it is more transparent and is half the weight of glass.
• Fitting is both simple and safe. In fact, installation does not require any modification of the existing windshield.
• Shield+ will fit onto any form of motorcycle / scooter windshield and lock keys are included as standard.
• The sleeves are made of a technical material that does not damage the existing windshield and guarantees optimum grip, even at high speed, making the shield+ reliable protection to deflect airflow.

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