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The greatest strength of this demi-jet helmet — the choice of a wide range of metropolitan users, as well as boasting capabilities and a retro appeal appreciated by café racers — is without doubt its compact size. This plus point means that it can even be stored in the small under-seat compartments of certain scooter models, including some very common ones (the Honda SH, for example). And with compact dimensions comes a lighter weight: less than one kilogramme.
Bold and contemporary, the GRAPHIC version attracts attention thanks to the contrast between its matte black background and the camouflage pattern revealed in stripes at the top and sides, introducing splashes of grey and fluorescent yellow.
Technical features include, as standard, a strap with micrometric release, removable inner linings, folding cheek pads and a ventilation system with rear extractor: an element not always featured on this type of helmet. The shell is made from thermoplastic material.

Givi - CMMY Matt black / camouflage CMMY
Matt black / camouflage
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