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Aluminium motorcycle case with a 58 ltr capacity. Designed for rear placement (top case), this case does not require a specific attachment system, but can be attached to any model of motorcycle on the market using a MONOKEY® plate.
Two versions of the TREKKER OUTBACK are available: 42 ltr and 58 ltr. The 58 ltr version can hold 2 modular or full-face helmets. Just like the other rear cases for motorcycles in the OUTBACK line, this model also allows items or bags to be stored on top of the flat lid, thanks to its 4 strap loops, while the contents of the inside can be secured to the bottom or held on the underside of the lid using the elasticated net that is sold separately.
Standard features include a mat made from soft material which can be placed at the bottom of the case to absorb shocks and vibrations. A special range of options allows you to personalise the top case to suit your own taste.
Attention: cannot be fitted onto plates with an installed electrical contact for a stop light kit

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