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46 ltr MONOLOCK® top-case black with red reflectors, universal mounting plate included

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Riviera is the new top-of-line GIVI top case with MONOLOCK fastening.
The topcase is produced using a system of moulds, known as undercuts, which allow for the creation of a structure with greater rigidity along the line where the two shells meet, while maintaining the streamlined and rounded lines that benefit the aerodynamics.
The outer aesthetic is clean and the overall product structure more resistant compared to the normal standard, materials being equal.

The RIVIERA offers a soft removable mat as standard, affixed with hook and loop fastening
to the base, and can contain two helmets, also modular versions (of average size, like the GIVI X.21).
The internal space offers room for the T502B GIVI soft bag (optional).
The lock is compatible with the SL101 Security Lock key (optional).
The top case is suitable for use with the E207 back panel (in arrival) and with electrical contacts
useful for the functioning of future optional accessories.
The product offers excellent waterproofing, having been tested both in the lab and on the road in
storms and hail.

Aesthetic details
-The monolithic reflectors are finished with special internal paint to ensure long lasting
aesthetic quality. These elements, complete with concealed external fastening, define the two E46 Riviera versions: E46N red reflectors, E46NT silver reflectors (brand-new shade).
-External photoengraving, on both the lid and base, with different textures.
-The same integrated hinges actually appear to be aesthetic elements.


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