• Alessandro
    GRT709 Alessandro Botturi "my test"
  • The new range of screen LIME and ICE developed by GIVI with a new material
    GIVI - ICE/LIME screen range
  • GIVI accessories range 2018
  • The smartclip for all smartphone, with universal fitting kit included. Available in two sizes
  • GIVI presents the new universal Smart Clip for all smartphone and devices. Available in two size M and L. Equipped with universal mounting kit
  • Trolley S410 for all GIVI Monokey cases and soft bags.
    Trolley Monokey S410
  • Designed to conveniently turn any GIVI Monokey® top box into a trolley. On the top side the S410 is exactly as any Monokey® mounting plate, so it accepts any top case and flat side case from the Monokey® series. On the flip side the S410 replicates the bottom of any Monokey® case, meaning that the trolley can be attached to any existing Monokey® mounting plate on any motorcycle or scooter. If the motorcycle or scooter have the GIVI optional brake light kit installed, it will not be a problem thanks to the slot featured on the bottom of the S410, that will fit exactly around and over the half of the contact switch, already mounted on the receiving plate. The extendible aluminum handle is light and rugged, and the rubberized grip is designed for extra comfort. It also includes the release button. The wheels are mounted on bearings and are designed to offer the best performance on a variety of surfaces. Thanks to 6 built in strap loops, the trolley can also be used to carry soft bags or small packages.
    S410 Trolley
  • Hard test for our aluminium cases Outback and technical accessories by Enduro J. World Champion Giacomo Redondi the new GIVI official tester
    GIVI Outback - THE HARD TEST
  • Specific accessories range for Honda NC750X
    Honda NC750X
  • Specific accessories range for Kawasaki Z650
    Kawasaki Z650
  • The review of the Dolomiti line from our friends Tommaso and Francesca - beyondontheroad. GIVI travellers for a long time
    Trekker Dolomiti
  • HPS 40.5 is the new top helmet of GIVI range
    HPS 40.5 X-CARBON
  • HPS 50.5 helmet in technopolymer material, Pinlock ready, anallergic and removable inner lining, sun visor, wind deflector and removable breathguard
    HPS 50.5 Tridion Vortix
  • Specific accessories for Yamaha MT_07 Tracer
    Yamaha MT07 Tracer
  • HPS 40.5 FIBER - Composite Fiber - micrometric buckle - 2 size shell - Pinlock ready (included) - sun visor
    HPS 40.5 Fiber
  • HPS 40.5 carbon, wait for you in EICMA 2016 at GIVI stand Pad.14 - i20/i30
    Teaser HPS 40.5 carbon
  • Specific accessories range for HONDA CB500F 2016
    Honda CB500F 2016
  • The GIVI accessories do not change the spirit of your bike. Complete it... watch this hard test.
    Honda Africa Twin NO LIMITS
  • Specific accessories range by GIVI for HONDA CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN
    Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin
  • 2016 Range of Givi accessories and helmets
    Accessories 2016
  • Specific accessories range for YAMAHA MT_09 TRACER, made by GIVI
    Yamaha MT09 Tracer
  • Aluminum cases by GIVI, 36 ltr compatibles with the frames of PL and PLR range. Equipped with Security Lock and simplified mounting with quick release screws.
    Trekker Dolomiti
  • Cafe Racer
  • Increased windscreen for Honda 800 Crossrunner m.y.2015. Mounting instructions
    Honda Crossrunner 2015 - D1139ST
  • TM418 Universal Hand Protectors
  • The TREKKER series are the new adventure touring cases utilizing a unique full and partial lid opening system. Made from a combination of polypropylene and aluminum panels the TREKKER series with its patented MONOKEY latching system now offers the convenience and security of GIVI hard cases in a more rugged style for the adventure touring rider.
    Trekker series
  • Monokey - this series considered to be the premier range offers the versatility and functionality that enables this series of cases to be used either as a top trunk or saddlebag. The Monokey series with its heavy duty construction and elegant styling offers a wide variety of solutions to meet most styles of modern motorcycles and riding conditions.
    Monokey Topcase
  • The flagship of the MONOKEY range the E55 Maxia III with it's modern sleek styling offers a cavernous 55 liter capacity. The E55 comes complete with a new smooth press button opening and handle release as well many refined components.
  • Side cases - Monokey
  • B33NMK 33Ltr Monokey case_ The Monokey top case is characterized by silver bands that run alongside the lock.
B33NML 33Ltr Monolock case_ It is equipped with an reflector built in double injection, with a red honeycomb area, a sealing system for increased water resistance.
B47NML 47Ltr_ Aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to low and medium displacement motorcycles, the B47 offers the novelty of a removable painted cover mounted on the top shell.
    B47 Blade and B33 Topcases
  • The Monolock top case lighter in construction yet not compromising their efficency and durability, the Monolock series cases offers the complete top trunk solution. Each Monolock case comes complete with a universal mounting kit.
    Monolock - Small topcase
  • The Monolock top case lighter in construction yet not compromising their efficency and durability, the Monolock series cases offers the complete top trunk solution. Each Monolock case comes complete with a universal mounting kit.
    Monolock - Big topcase
  • The products of this extensive line are characterised by the use of resistant materials such as 1680D Polyester and Lorica, and reinforced construction of the pads, linings and plastic inserts.
    Silver range
  • Sporty look from the express line for those who are not willing to compromise in terms of reliability and comfort. This series of high range products are manufactured in Cordura® EVA laminated with innovative technical solutions.
    Xstream Range
  • Practical windshield solutions to incude the following series: D - series, windshields are available in clear and smoked versions (model specific) that offer taller than stock versions with some models including a Euro slip for added wind protection. A- series, this universal windshield range includes small headlamp mounting fly screens and fairing to 2 point handlebar mounting shields and 4 point handle and fork tube mount larger windshields.
  • Carter oil protection range all in aluminium laser cut
    RP series
  • Extensions for original handguards
    EH series
  • Side Stand Exstensions
    ES Series
  • Extendable plate in aluminium laser cut
    EX1SRA Bag holder
  • Handguards
    HP Series
  • The luggage rack for TRK52
    E142 Trekker Luggage Rack
  • Mudguard / chain-cover
    MG series
  • S110 Power Socket - 12V Handlebar electrical outlet socket S111 Power Hub - kit for the electrical feed for the tank bags S112 Power Connection - kit for the electrical feed to devices fitted directly on the handlebar
    S110 - S111 - S112 Power Supply System
  • Head Guards
    PH5108 Head Guards
  • Mini cable lock for tankbags and saddlebags
    S221 Mini Combination Cable Lock
  • Universal manifold protectors for all bikes
    S280 - S281 - S282 Header Protectors
  • Kit security lock for monokey cases (only for compatible models)
    SL101 Security Lock Set
  • Case holders for devices, phones, GPS and others
    S952B S953B S954B & S955B
  • Additional halogen spotlights
    S310 Trekker Lights
  • Specific tubulars engine guards for motorcycles
    TN Series
  • Additionals universal led fog lights
    S320 Led Projectors
  • Universal support in billet and anodized aluminum for gps-holders S952, S952B, S953, S953B, S954, S954B, S955, S955B, S956B, S957B to be mounted on the handlebars
    S901A Smart Mount
  • Motorcycle portable first aid kit
    S301 First Aid Kit
  • Elastic carrying net, black
    T10N Cargo Net
  • A complete range of accessories GIVI dedicated to this bike
    Customize your Honda CB500X
  • Customize your Honda NC700X with GIVI accessories
    Honda NC700X 2
  • B360 top case of Monolock range. 36lt capacity available with red reflectors (B360N) and with smoked reflectors (B360NT).
    B360 Monolock
  • Customize your Triumph XC1200 Explorer with GIVI accessories.
All range of dedicated parts
    Triumph Tiger Explorer XC1200
  • HPS X.01 Helmet
  • 40.2 GT Helmet
  • Customize your BMW GS
  • The waterproof bags offer complete water resistance for trips of medium and long-range. Coupling systems elastic straps allow the user maximum freedom of assembly. They can be mounted on the passenger seat, on the rack of the bike and on the optional racks available for our cases. Made of TPU heat seal this range of bags is characterized by extreme lightness and practicality and for the use of ecological materials.
    Waterproof soft bags
  • Opening remote controlled
  • What are you searching for? GIVI's got it!
  • This is an idea for urban life style
    Urban Style
  • These formed saddlebags are polyester coated with EVA foam lining and come with waterproof zippers, their light weight construction and dynamic styling offer an excellent lockable soft luggage solution for select motorcycle models. The EASYLOCK saddlebags must be combined with the TE... series side mounting frames, please check your make and model motorcycle for compatibility.
    Easylock System
  • XS range by GIVI tanklock bags
    XS Tanklock
  • Monokey and Monolock
  • Givi specific accessories range for Triumph Tiger XC800
    Triumph Tiger XC800
  • Universal neck warmer for bikers
    TC400 neck warmer
  • Scooter backrest range
    TB series
  • Baby ride child seat
    S650 Baby Ride
  • Tubeless Tire Repair Kit for motorcycles
    S450 Tubeless tyre repair kit
  • High visibility Trekker vest
    VEST01 Trekker Vest
  • Complete security accessories kit
    S300 Safety Kit
  • Specific rear aluminium laser cut rack for MONOKEY® top case
    SRA series
  • Couple of Trekker Straps belts, equipped with antislip metal safety buckle
    S350 - S351 Trekker Straps
  • A waterproof and removable holder designed for a motorway toll paying device
    S601 - S602
  • Padlock with retractable wire and combination lock
    S220 Combination Cable Lock
  • Outdoor Bike Cover
    S201 Bike Cover
  • Indoor bike cover
    S200 Bike cover
  • Optional accessories for Trekker Outback cases
  • GIVI tanklock system for bags
    Tanklock system
  • 3D600 Easylock - thermoformed side cases
    3D600 Easylock
  • The Tanklock system for tank bags
    Tanklock system
  • GIVI E55N Monokey review by RevZilla
    GIVI E55N
  • E41N side cases review by RevZilla
    E41N side cases
  • Side cases E21 by GIVI - RevZilla review
    E21 Side Cases
  • TB backrest range by GIVI
    specifics backrest for scooters
  • customize your BMW GS_LC
    BMW R1200GS_LC
  • Stainless steel engine guards range
    TNH-X series
  • 2,5 liters tank, homologated for water oil and gasoline
    TAN01 Extra Tank
  • Adjustable spoiler for all screens. Available in clear and smoke version
    S180T - S180F Spoiler
  • Aluminium Smartbar for all devices cases
    S900A Smart Bar
  • Opening chin with one hand, with middle button in the lower part. Internal removable, fixed with buttons. Screen with specific hooks. Removing the visor and sun visor without the use of tools thanks to the bayonet system. Visor can be equipped with City-Fog adhesive lens. The air ventilation system is enhanced by chin rest vents; two frontal inlets and a single extractor at the rear.
    XModular helmet
  • Trekker series